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  Quality Turmeric

Produced under highly controlled greenhouse conditions, resulting in elevated active compound contents of 10% Curcuminoids and 6% Curcumin

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Who we are

Welcome to
Advanced Healing Organics

Advanced Healing Organics is a United States based family operated 7 acre farm specializing in Turmeric Curcuma Longa. Our raw ryzome product is unadulterated and lab tested to ensure the highest health properties. Our crop is nurtured with the greatest care for “high-quality production which meets all relevant requirements in terms of transparency, traceability and sustainable development”. 

Our Mission Purpose

To serve, inspire, nurture a healing culture and grow food for life.

Our Vision Statement

Taking action to improve the world’s food system by growing food for life and educating food for thought. 

Our First Core Value

We Grow The Highest Quality Natural & Organic Food

Growing and eating organic protects valuable natural resources and ensures you consume food that is nutrient dense, flavorful, harvested on time for pure and delicious experience as nature and creator intended. 

Our Second Core Value

Encourage Preventative Health Care Through Healthy Food Diet. 

Grow food for life “Super Foods” that have positive health healing benefits. 

Our Third Core Value

Practice And Promote Stewardship Of Our Land. 

Grow our food responsibly for sustainability from start to finish. Recycle, repurpose, reuse, reduce waste, and utilize regenerative resources. 

Our Fourth Core Value

Foster Culture & Partnership With Our Internal & External Customer. 

Coordinate behavior towards a healthy vision and specific profit performance goals and standards that benefit the company, our customer and consumer. 

Only the Best

High Curcumin

Fresh, Turmeric Root

We have over 2.5 acres of greenhouses that are utilized for growth and cultivation of our turmeric. The facility is equipped with an extensive timed drip irrigation and overhead misting system that also allows for introduction of organic nutrients and pH balancing.

In The News!

ODESSA, Fla. — Dan Johnson eats turmeric every day.

For breakfast this morning: yogurt, bananas, granola and turmeric. Never mind most people associate the spice, which is native to Southeast Asia, as something used in curry dishes.

Johnson is an Odessa farmer who has the only crop of organic turmeric in the Tampa Bay area. He believes turmeric can help alleviate health problems associated with arthritis, digestion, mental health and more.

“It’s good for humans and animals,” Johnson says.

His beliefs are backed up a recent CNN report which discussed the health benefits of turmeric. There is already good medical evidence the spice can help control pain due to arthritis of the knee and decrease the likelihood of a heart attack after bypass surgery.

The key to turmeric’s healing power is curcumin, the chemical active ingredient the plant creates.

Turmeric is also being used in cosmetics due to its natural dye.

To learn more about Advanced Healing Organic’s locally-grown turmeric, you can reach out to Dan Johnson at

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